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Shaun Carney

Co-founder, Wealth Advisor

(614) 635-0102

Bolt Financial Group is a fee-only wealth coaching and investment advisory firm located in Worthington, Ohio. We guide serious, long-term investors on a path that leads toward the achievement of their retirement goals.

Utilizing the Free Market Investment Strategy approach, our firm is able to help clients live out their dream retirement. Based on 60 years of Nobel Prize winning research, the Free Market Portfolio Theory is the synthesis of three main academic principles:

  1. Efficient Market Hypothesis
  2. Modern Portfolio Theory
  3. The Three-Factor Model

Together, these concepts form a powerful, disciplined, and diversified approach to investing. As you prepare for, and begin to enjoy retirement, it is essential that you have a well defined strategy in place. Bolt Financial Group employs only the most effective, proven strategies, to help you retire right and achieve true investment peace of mind.

Rather than focus solely on money, we focus on the dreams of our clients. Emphasizing the experience of investing and planning, our clients are active participants in their retirement plan, and are able to understand and enjoy the process. As your retirement planning advocate, we are here for you through the good times, as well as the bad. Where you stand today, matters. Where you want to go, matters even more. Bolt Financial Group is a goal-oriented advisory firm that offers integrity, experience, and confidence.

The retirement of your dreams is well within reach. Call us today, and discover how we can help you get there.