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Best Mortgage Rates Based on In-Depth Reviews

September 11, 2019

My first base as a Financial Officer in the United States Air Force was at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. That was also where my wife (expecting our first child) and I purchased our first home together. Similar to a lot of my clients, I applied for a VA loan. Fast forward several bases and States later, and I have since purchased - and subsequently sold - 3 homes. I guess I can consider myself moderately acquainted with applying for mortgage loans throughout the years in the search for the best rate.

There are several components to consider in your search that can make it appear extremely complicated, including different lenders and mortgage types - there are online lenders, specialty lenders (in my case, VA loans), large lenders and bank lenders. Needless to say, you may start to feel overwhelmed with options and information.

I wanted to share with you an article written by ConsumersAdvocate Org and their team of researchers. I found their objective findings helpful when navigating the complicated and sometimes stressful process in finding the right mortgage and lender. It's a good starting point, but always do your own research.

With mortgage rates falling to a three-year low, the following article will help provide you with some tools to help in your decision making process. 

You can check out the full guide here:

This article is for reference only. If you'd like to discuss options in greater detail, please use me as a resource. I would be happy to discuss and refer you to a strategic partner.