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Family is Hard to Beat

Family is Hard to Beat

April 05, 2018

An underlying question always seems to present itself when I’m at networking events or just out meeting new people – “Why Bolt Financial Group?”. Bolt doesn’t necessarily scream finance or banking in any way; however, that’s exactly what sets Bolt apart from other firms.

To understand what Bolt Financial Group does or what it can do for you, one must understand the person behind that name – you must come to understand who I am. I believe once you understand my values and experiences, it will become vividly transparent that Bolt Financial Group is built upon that same foundation.

I have been making decisions focused on long-term success vs. short term reward my entire life. After graduating high school, I attended The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I knew this wouldn’t be a typical college experience. I knew there would be sacrifice in living by an honor code, sacrifice living on a military base and sacrifice trading social aspects of college for drill training and marching. I’ve later come to realize those weren’t sacrifices at all. Those were short-term decisions I made for the long-term goals I had – a successful professional and personal career.

That’s how I was raised. If I compete and work hard now, the reward will come. I knew that all I had to do was stick to the process and be consistent with my actions. And it wasn’t going to be easy.

The decision to attend The United States Air Force in service was also accompanied by football. I was a 5ft 10in (on the rounded side) quarterback with D1 aspirations. It didn’t matter how tall you were, how fast you were, or how skilled you were – I was going to outwork you and I wasn’t alone. The Air Force Academy had the supporting cast.  Everyone there was making the same sacrifices I was making, both in service and in athletics.  It was a common bond amongst us. Our coach in college used to say, “Brothers are hard to beat.”  It was true. We were smaller and slower than our competition; however, we were able to win many games because we stuck together, we trusted each other, and we did not let each other down. Without the right players headed towards the same goal, nothing would have been achieved.

When I graduated from the Academy, I served as a financial services officer in the active duty Air Force for 6 years. I married my high school sweetheart, had 3 beautiful children, and found myself moving my family 6 times in 8 years. I watched as my oldest child went from being a leader to a follower in school as she tried to fit in.  I knew I needed to provide stability for my family. My family is, was, and will always be my first priority.

We had the opportunity to move back to Ohio, where my wife and I have always dreamed of raising our children near their grandparents. I started working for a large brokerage firm in Ohio, where I was incentivized to sell products and services that were in the company’s best interest. This same firm incentivized me to put client money in certain funds, whether or not that was in the best interest financially for my client. If I didn’t want to put my own money in these funds, I knew there was a better way to serve people. It was hard to sleep knowing that I wasn’t doing the absolute best thing for my clients.

I wouldn’t be tied to a bank or brokerage firm for long. Leaving a large firm to start your own business is a difficult decision on many levels. Especially if that large firm has processes and procedures in place to set you up for success. But for me – this was the best and only decision to make personally and for those that I want to serve.

Bolt Financial Group is an independent financial firm. This means that I am not tied to a brokerage firm or bank. I can offer whatever product is in my client’s best interest.  Everything I do at Bolt is set-up to serve my client’s best interest before my own. I am not looking to sell people banking products or services.  I am building a relationship that is founded on trust and understanding. 

At Bolt Financial Group, I take the same approach as my college coach showed us – “Family is hard to beat.”  I strive to build strong relationships with my clients built on trust and understanding. It’s just as important to me to get to know my clients and their families as they get to know mine. I want to know what motivates them, what makes them tick. I refuse to let them down. 

I am confident in Bolt Financial Group because I know with hard work and putting my client’s interest first that a successful business will follow.  I am blessed to have the opportunities and experiences I have had thus far, and I am honored to continue to serve my country as a Reservists in the Air Force, flying C-17s. I know that with the same discipline, hard work, and compassion for serving that I can help families achieve their financial dreams. I do not make my clients run through drill training or marching, but at Bolt Financial Group, we stick to an honor code. We stick to the process and are consistent in our actions. I will not let you down.


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